Monthly Archives: January 2014

Recent Stories of Interest from Around the Web

The following are links to a few recent news stories and features from around the web that may be of interest…

The first is from a teacher who reflects on her experiences teaching for a for profit virtual charter school.

This feature article investigates the rise of toast as an artisanal food trend in San Francisco.

And finally, this article about a meeting of the elders of organic farming at Eselen that explores the problems of the increasing age of farmers and their difficulties passing on their farms to the next generation.


A New Semester

As the new semester is about to begin my thoughts have turned to syllabi and other teaching related items. This blog is foremost among them. I shall be checking in regularly with ideas that occur to me after class, additional news and other information that might be of interest, and new photos for the gallery page!

I hope to see you soon!